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For the enhancement of the collective conscious through common sense life experiences and shares.

In The Gray Zone

Sixto Sicilia

“The Tribe perhaps responded with words of wisdom or sympathy or empathy and from that simple connection a “source” of inspiration arose that made you think a different thought.  Yes, powerful stuff this Universe and how we can affect change through a quantum manifestation. And you are saying, “Quantum manifestation,” really?  So what does this have to do with being in the Gray Zone?”

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Sixto Sicilia

"When we embrace impermanence, we are able to experience “shifts” in our own, unique identity and the more we loosen our sense of control, the more enlightened and rational we become. We have a saying in Spanish, “Cada loco con su tema,” or, “To each his own.”  In other words, when we let go, our unique metaphysical being separates from the needs of the DNA and body, and the world becomes a passionate place full of wonder and hope."

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The DNA Body and the Metaphysical Body

Sixto Sicilia

"I look at it as if we have a big hard-drive (our brain) who communicates with Spirit and the Mind. In that hard-drive there are many things recorded that we can build programs to put to sleep the “malaware viruses” that constantly come about by our Thoughts."

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