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For the enhancement of the collective conscious through common sense life experiences and shares.

Día de los Muertos

Sixto Sicilia

This celebration, spiritual in many ways, gradually started making its way into my life through a progression of years. Gaining intensity as the “Old Guard” as I call them, my parents, aunts and uncles started passing away. My life experience thanks to this Old Guard are memories of a human condition that was full of joy even when times weren’t so. Now every Day of the Dead is a celebration of family, nuclear, extended and otherwise, of keeping their essence alive, not forgetting what they stood for, how they touched and in some ways formed lives and changed history.

Recent movies such as Coco and past delights such as The Book of Life commemorate Day of the Dead and its significance in many cultures  In Europe as well as Latin America this is a two-day celebration of All Saints day followed by All Soul’ day. Spiritually this means that people that have passed are not gone, they exists in spirit, in our hearts and in the Soul that has started another journey as part of another reincarnation and we must nurture that soul until it takes hold of another reality in their lifetime.

To those that believe in the life/death/rebirth continuum, it is all very natural. This is not to say that they treat death lightly. They don't. It's just that they recognize it, mock it, and even defy it. Death is part of life. The rituals bring a joy to an otherwise devastating experience: death. These same rituals bestow the message that celebrating the Day of the Dead is a true celebration of Life in the now and after.

My experience with death in my family was always be present and bring joy in remembrance of the soul that has passed and to those that are still of this physical plane. Both my mother and father requested a celebration, which included music, food and family. After their wishes were upheld, I was told on several occasions, that “this was the best funeral I have ever attended.” This was a huge complement actually. An act that allowed me to share an upbringing that came from a place of Love, compassion and respect and generosity to and for the “projimo”, your fellow man.

On this Day of the Dead I will be celebrating people that brought meaning to a life not always colorful, as we were thrown into the Cuban Diaspora, that unfortunate event that enslaved a people and basically destroyed family and society. I will honor my ancestors, I will honor their hearts and rejoice in the thought, that we will all meet again, in some form, at one point or another, in love, the breath of Life itself.

To your wellness, naturally,

Sixto J. Sicilia
Founder & Simplicist
Holistic Health and Nutrition - PhD Student
Registered Yoga Instructor, Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor
Organic Body Products Development

“The basis of effective healing, by which I mean a healing made manifest by a changed attitude to life so that the local restoration of health becomes durable and progressive, is integration.  The center of integration is the spirit of the soul or true Self, which informs the rational mind, cleanses and purifies the emotions, and renews the body with strength and vitality.”


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In The Gray Zone

Sixto Sicilia

“The Tribe perhaps responded with words of wisdom or sympathy or empathy and from that simple connection a “source” of inspiration arose that made you think a different thought.  Yes, powerful stuff this Universe and how we can affect change through a quantum manifestation. And you are saying, “Quantum manifestation,” really?  So what does this have to do with being in the Gray Zone?”

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Sixto Sicilia

"When we embrace impermanence, we are able to experience “shifts” in our own, unique identity and the more we loosen our sense of control, the more enlightened and rational we become. We have a saying in Spanish, “Cada loco con su tema,” or, “To each his own.”  In other words, when we let go, our unique metaphysical being separates from the needs of the DNA and body, and the world becomes a passionate place full of wonder and hope."

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The DNA Body and the Metaphysical Body

Sixto Sicilia

"I look at it as if we have a big hard-drive (our brain) who communicates with Spirit and the Mind. In that hard-drive there are many things recorded that we can build programs to put to sleep the “malaware viruses” that constantly come about by our Thoughts."

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