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Relax! Chocolate Anti-Oxidant Body Scrub (Nt Wt. 24 oz)


Relax! Chocolate Anti-Oxidant Body Scrub (Nt Wt. 24 oz)

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Relax Choc Sea Salt 2x2.jpg
Chocolate scrub.jpg

Relax! Chocolate Anti-Oxidant Body Scrub (Nt Wt. 24 oz)


Relax! Dead Sea Chocolate Anti-Oxidant Body Scrub provides anti-oxidant protection from free radicals and noticeable improved skin oxygenation. Nourishes with key mineral content. All natural, not organic, since sea salt is not organically farmed.

  • Dead sea salt is made up of 21 minerals, 12 of which are found in no other sea salt.
  • Cocoa extract, with inherent polyphenols, offers an authentic anti-oxidant base for protection against free-radical damage plus it’s aroma provides for a comforting state of mind.
  • Cocoa extract has a stimulating effect on surface of the skin. The combination of Dead Sea Salts and Chocolate Extract help in the removal of dead topical skin cells and in cell renewal.

Our anti-oxidant cocoa based formula offers your client an ingredient proven throughout time to provide natural anti-oxidant protection. It is a rich “Aromadictive” renewal system for body and mind. To use: In shower or bath, wet skin with warm water, apply a small amount of exfoliant to the body in a circular motion.  Rinse well, pat dry and complete the treatment by using a Therapeutic Mud Wrap followed by a Relax! Blended Butter Body moisturizer.

issimo Relax!  Apothecary holds true to true to the company’s founder's roots. The line is based on Old World philosophies and wellness practices. Born from these traditions,  Relax Apothecary are Authentic Natural blends inspired by century’s old natural ingredient practices with time-tested elements proven by the essence of time, such as mud and mineral rich salts from the Dead Sea, a blend of various botanical butters, plus nutrient- rich Olive Oil, the latter found in most of our formulations. Relax! is a no-hype conscientious skin care maintenance system essential to everyday grooming and hygiene of the skin.


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