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At issimo, Our intent is to express, through our product offerings, our perspective on issues related to the skincare and natural/organic products industry. We believe in open dialogue, the nature that made American life so sought after. “issimo” in itself is a suffix which means “the best”, and we put our best into everything we create. It is the nature of our company, where projects, just like family and friends, become one through sharing.  At issimo, we claim to bring you not only a glimpse of the latest in scientific advances but we promise to share what past generations knew, to find natural, proven ways to make effective and practical products for all lifestyles. We believe that you’ll find our products meet a wide range of personal needs and preferences. We keep controversial and any petrochemicals out of formulas and we never test on animals. When it comes to what is Natural or Organic there are minor disparitiestherefore we should not be myopic.  Organic ingredients are simply regulated, and at times an excellent choice for a formula may not be available organically grown.  issimo’s philosophy is such that we would use an organic raw material over a natural, as they become available.  In addition, we do not believe in using, or abusing the earth when it comes to making skin care or using food items. Good food is not to be wasted, and serves a better purpose nutritionally. We also are of the mindset that if a synthetic can be used for example as a binder, or as an element that has nothing to do with the efficacy of the product, we may consider it, as long as it has natural roots. issimo utilizes a high standard of self-regulation. Our ancestral tradition of caring, and doing what is right for each other, coupled with our appreciation for all living things, rest assured, you are getting quality and a product preparation inspired by knowledge, experience, genuine care and purpose and heritage.