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The DNA Body and the Metaphysical Body

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For the enhancement of the collective consciousness through common sense life experiences and shares.

The DNA Body and the Metaphysical Body

Sixto Sicilia

The DNA body and the Metaphysical body is a topic that deeply intrigues me since our physiological make-up, our physical genetic inheritance and what I will refer to as our Soul-Body, are very well interconnected yet distinctly different.  It is a multi-faceted understanding that involves the relationship between our genetic, physical body and the mind that controls it, plus the differentiation of that genetic make-up versus our Mind/Body/Spirit, which I will label as our Metaphysical make-up and to refer as MBS from this point on, and how all of this relates to our existence. Sound confusing? Hang in there. 

Our genes do not entirely dictate who we are. There may be some baggage in our DNA (Physical Body-Mind), however, the way in which we deal with that baggage has to do with the way our Soul, perceives and processes the Guidance it receives from the Universal Consciousness (however that Guidance presents itself to us).  It is that Guidance that enlightens our Soul, which educates our Mind and lets the Spirit flow within this amazing corporal being that envelops us. It is a beautiful Duality! Once we understand the Duality that is strictly ours, and start to use it wisely, we may say that our Life becomes serene and purposeful.

Genealogy has always fascinated me. From a recent DNA test, I found out that somewhere around 3-4 generations back, between 1810 and 1874, one of my ancestors was from Britain! So here goes my genetic make-up. I am a second-generation Cuban; my grandparents, all Spaniards were from the Canary Islands except for one who was from the homeland (Spain).  Somewhere along that journey, a British entity stepped in of which the family had no idea.  In fact, I am 18% British in my genetic make-up, and it shows that my 16th maternal Y chromosome is 100% British!  Modern Science, wow! Why do I bring this up?  

My Metaphysical (MBS) is Cuban, 100% Cuban.  Everything about me embraces the uniqueness of this Island culture. The European mixed with the African, mixed with the Chinese; a true melting pot and the Joie de Vivre that built up over time on my cherished, beloved island is what I represent. People, family, community, or “convivir” as we say in Spanish, is the main flow. When I hear a Cuban tune, especially a Conga, my heart beats, my blood boils and, needless to say, it gives me a feeling of comfort, of home. But wait, I am 18% British, 79% Iberian, 1% Middle Eastern (those darn Moors), 0.5 Far East (the silk trade) and 1.5 of me…..unidentified. So, how do I identify so clearly so with an island that once was the Paris of the Caribbean?  Somewhere around that beautiful birth date of the 28th of March, the soul that took over my body was an amazing wonderful soul for which I am most grateful. The person that embodied my soul was classy, very social and demanded respect. And was very Cuban.  

Okay, so what’s up with that? My physical body presents itself with one set of tools to live by. DNA provides among many things, skills that will affect my present situation; it determines what people look like and how their bodies function. It can cause crippling defects or protect living creatures from disease. DNA may even determine when it’s time to die. MBS determines how we will react throughout life. Being a spiritual person is synonymous with being a person whose highest priority is to be loving to yourself and others. A spiritual person cares about people, animals and the planet. A spiritual person knows that we are all One, and consciously attempts to honor this Oneness. A spiritual person is a kind person.

For example, the beautiful soul that came into existence the day I was born, who took on my DNA body, had to deal with laws that were not spiritual in the sense of the word.  I was unfortunately born in a place where people were considered property, and spirituality, or the practice of your Tanteen was practically banned. That soul coupled with an inner child, the part of the subconscious that was formed during my formative years between birth and 8 years old and when our conscious and subconscious minds are still not linked up, took up all the anxiety, fears, and impermanence of the chaos that ensued Cuba upon itself. The flip side is that through two amazing parents and a closely knit community of family and friends, he felt secure, had lots of joy, togetherness and so much Love it still haunts him today (in a good way). I am now possessed by a spoiled Inner Child who rants and rages when he doesn’t feel I am giving him what is rightly his, no chaos, clarity, and lots of love! 

So, what works for me when my inner child has a tantrum? Spiritually I take my child-self for a walk in my mind and offer him whatever peace of mind I can, that all is in order. Poor guy has to deal with what was recorded in my hard-drive amongst the anxiety that my mother must have felt worrying about getting two kids out of Cuba with a husband, my father, a political prisoner, followed by her embarking upon a journey (coming to the US) that must have been on some level freeing yet terrifying for her. I therefore lean into her Guidance (as well as my father’s) and gain strength so my Child can hear the voices that were so comforting in his life. 

Keep on reading. It’s falling into place!

We have now the genetic, physical make-up of Sixto Jesús Sicilia Marrero Groero Jorge Pérez Expósito García de León, (yes, my mom told me once that the reason why we carried so many names in the old country was to assure we didn’t marry a cousin!), the metaphysical (MBS) and the beautiful enmeshment of both that has brought me to this point in life with all of its trials and tribulations. A Body-Mind combo that reacts to the daily stimuli based on Soul-Spirit guidance and that which comes from Life and our experiences in Life.

I look at it as if we have a big hard-drive (our brain) who communicates with Spirit and the Mind. In that hard-drive there are many things recorded that we can build programs to put to sleep the “malaware viruses” that constantly come about by our Thoughts.  We tend to believe everything we think, and if we take a moment, just one moment, to be still, to breathe and detract the mind from Thinking; we see that all is okay in the present moment, which is all that we have. So, our mind thinks and throws thoughts out that may harm us, we build programs to counteract those thoughts and reactions, and somehow just when we think all is great, another “virus” pops into our head. Old stories, new stories, stories, stories, stories which can all be put to rest, when we are still, when we are connected to the Source. Our lives are 3D.

As in my last post, I am a holistic body, mind, spirit (MBS) practitioner. Everything about me is in improving our collective consciousness and awareness thereof. I offer what it takes to exploit my Tanteen, my soul’s purpose in what I believe is Growth. Cognitive Science has proven that humans are smarter as a group as they are on their own and that healing is part of that collective consciousness. Growth is moving on, and moving through, and letting go, and taking in is all part of the gifts presented by impermanence. The fact that everything changes minute by minute and at the same time in that cosmic impermanence is the chance to solidify what works for us. Let me explain; people come into our lives, you meet someone, they present themselves a certain way, and over time, people change, things change. This gives us two choices:  go with it if it works for you and build on what you started, or let it go, since toxic elements in our lives don’t serve us well. It is all a two-way street. As with wrong eating, toxemia overtakes the body and all sorts of “affects” start presenting themselves to lead us to ill health, to “dis-ease.” 

 “The basis of effective healing, by which I mean a healing made manifest by a changed attitude to life so that the local restoration of health becomes durable and progressive, is integration.  The center of integration is the spirit of the soul or true Self, which informs the rational mind, cleanses and purifies the emotions, and renews the body with strength and vitality.” 

To your wellness, naturally,
Sixto J. Sicilia
Founder & Simplicist IssimoUSA
Ph.D. Student - Holistic Health and Nutrition
Registered Yoga Instructor (RYT), Meditation Instructor