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For the enhancement of the collective consciousness through common sense life experiences and shares.


Sixto Sicilia

In Transpersonal Psychology, also known as Spiritual Psychology, the quest is for personal growth, spiritual understanding, or self-realization. This is the way it has been described in the world's spiritual traditions, and as it is pursued today, whether assisted by a psychotherapist, guided by a guru, or carried out individually.  

Transpersonal Psychology involves the shifting away from a physical attachment to transform suffering into healing. It is becoming a greater whole shifting away from the physical existence of the Self.  When we embrace impermanence, we are able to experience “shifts” in our own, unique identity and the more we loosen our sense of control, the more enlightened and rational we become. We have a saying in Spanish, “Cada loco con su tema,” or, “To each his own.”  In other words, when we let go, our unique metaphysical being separates from the needs of the DNA and body, and the world becomes a passionate place full of wonder and hope. The phase in Spanish above embodies this situation, because when we become self-absorbed and filled with the “static” between ourselves and the Universe, we literally lose our minds. Stop everything you are doing right now! Take a deep breath and look around. Does it all matter? Breathe deep and let the breath out with a deep sigh, and then take it all in.

To each his own, focus on yourself, change your energy, and that beautiful person that you are will attract all the Joy it needs; personally, financially, romantically, and the list goes on. Stop labeling everything in life. The biggest surprises come when we live and let live and know our Self-Worth. The latter comes when we are “static” free.

From the book Transformations of Consciousness  (Wilber, Engler, & Brown, 1986), the authors describe transformations of consciousness, both psychopathological, in the direction of psychic disturbance, and psychotherapeutic, in the direction of psychic health. So we can go either way. Be happy or continue to be miserable! 

Why miserable? Well, the Human Condition, it seems to never change.  William James, (1842-1910) was a leading philosopher and psychologist at the turn of the 19th Century. Together with Charles Sanders Peirce, he founded the philosophical school of pragmatism, which considers that the meaning of an idea is to be sought in its practical effects, the function of thought is to guide action, and that truth is to be tested by the practical consequences of belief. In other words, our thoughts manifest into things. Think good thoughts!

From what has been said, we can abstract four main ingredients for a happy life, according to James:

1. Happiness requires Choice: the world in itself is a neutral flux of “booming, blooming confusion,” hence it is entirely up to us whether to view it as positive, negative, or as absent of all meaning.

2. Happiness requires Active Risk-Taking: happiness is not produced merely by thinking or by resigning oneself to life’s circumstances, but rather by taking bold risks and acting on possibilities that come from the “heart’s center,” the Real Self within.

3. Happiness involves “As-If” Thinking: while we cannot prove rationally that free will exists or that life is meaningful, acting “as if” we are free or “as if” there is an ultimate meaning in life will through that very activity produce a free and meaningful life.

 4. Happiness often comes after a Crisis of Meaning: throughout history, the happiest people often record going through a deep depression caused by a sense of the loss of meaning…these events should not be repudiated but welcomed since only through them is the “Twice-born” sense of renewal possible.

Read more on the pursuit of happiness here:

It is not rocket-science. Being in a supportive, loving environment where love and kindness is the norm builds happy, optimistic foundations of life and its future while living in the “present moment.” 

To your wellness, naturally,

Sixto J. Sicilia
Founder & Simplicist IssimoUSA
Ph.D. Student - Holistic Health and Nutrition
Registred Yoga Instructor (RYT), Meditation Instructor