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Blind Faith can bring much Joy

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For the enhancement of the collective consciousness through common sense life experiences and shares.

Blind Faith can bring much Joy

Sixto Sicilia

Goes without saying that doing what you love to do is the answer to virtually any concern in your life as well as staying in the moment; being present for yourself. I believe that impermanence is life’s secret change-over. Growth is fundamental in the Universe and healing others is part of our collective consciousness. Growth has brought me to a place of consistently being aware of Self and getting to know what my tanteen is in life, my purpose. Awareness of "Growth" is not easy, it can be uncomfortable at times, but what a never-ending journey!

I am on a path that has taken me head on with what I love to do, Holistic Health and Wellness. Among the many questions that came with my blind faith and trust were:  Can I do this? How do I do this? What am I doing? I found out that the knowing of my Truth and following my path makes life easier to execute. I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Holistic Health and Nutrition, just finished a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and am about to embark on becoming an Essential Oils practicioner.  I have not lost focus with my company, IssimoUSA which laid the groundwork offering holistic, effective natural and organic products to address issues related to the skin since 1999.  Our body products and primo men’s skincare line, Guy Gear, can be found at Spas and small boutiques and, of course, here on line at

issimoUSA will be embarking on a new journey, offering virtual and off-site retreats in Holistic Health, body, mind, and spirit attunement through Holistic Health practices, Yoga, Meditation and the use of essential oils in all areas of your life.  In addition to helping you, we will be teaching you how to clear the energy in and around your living spaces.

I am Sixto Sicilia, Founder and Simplicist (because I do believe in the phrase Keep it Simple), and a Holistic Health and Wellness practicioner. I was born in a country where Holistic Health practices were the norm, where healing was done through a bygone process healing each other through community and where spirituality and growth does not come from a simple To-do list. Holistic “everything” is in my DNA.  Stay tuned to regular news from me. I promise it will be informational, instructional and possibly life-changing!

“The basis of effective healing, by which I mean a healing made manifest by a changed attitude to life so that the local restoration of health becomes durable and progressive, is integration.  The center of integration is the spirit of the soul or true Self, which informs the rational mind, cleanses and purifies the emotions, and renews the body with strength and vitality.”

To your wellness, naturally,

Sixto J. Sicilia
Founder & Simplicist IssimoUSA
Ph.D. Student - Holistic Health and Nutrition
Certified Yoga Instructor, Meditation Instructor