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Vulnerability, get yourself a heart.

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For the enhancement of the collective consciousness through common sense life experiences and shares.

Vulnerability, get yourself a heart.

Sixto Sicilia

How do you get to be 97 and still loving life?  Takes a lot of gusto and a word most people don't fully understand: Vulnerability, grab some to deal in this thing called “Life” because it is the key to our joyful happiness. The word itself, vulnerability has many definitions, including, “capable of being emotionally or physically wounded,” to ”handing over to another in relationships, business or otherwise, a terrible weapon to hurt you and trusting them not to hurt you.”  Sounds a little over the top, and it is known that there is no love without intimacy and there is no intimacy without vulnerability, and please don’t tag this as in romantic relationships, I am talking as with all relationships.  Self Awareness is having a clear perception of your Self. Your personality, what you excel in, in which ways you need help from others. Self-Aware people know very well why they think, what the thoughts are capable of manifesting and it includes your beliefs, motivations and lastly emotions.  The latter is part of Emotional Intelligence, more on that in later posts.

I tend be a non-discriminatory person, by this I mean, if I want you in my life then I am going to dig deep, get to know you, bring you in. It is not possible to neither deal nor heal another or each other if we can’t understand someone or something fully.  If we feel separate from someone or something we can’t expect to understand it. To heal, to grow, just from everyday Life, we as people need to be vulnerable, more in line with being okay with exposing our true selves, our hearts, and our inner workings.  In Spanish the verb “comprender” literally means to understand to pick something or someone and become one with it. If we feel separate from someone or something we cannot expect to understand it.

 “The basis of effective healing, by which I mean a healing made manifest by a changed attitude to life so that the local restoration of health becomes durable and progressive, is integration.  The center of integration is the spirit of the soul or true Self, which informs the rational mind, cleanses and purifies the emotions, and renews the body with strength and vitality.”

To your wellness, naturally,
Sixto J. Sicilia
Founder & Simplicist IssimoUSA
Ph.D. Student - Holistic Health and Nutrition
Certified Yoga Instructor, Meditation Instructor