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In The Gray Zone

Blog Posts

For the enhancement of the collective consciousness through common sense life experiences and shares.

In The Gray Zone

Sixto Sicilia

Let the world know what you need, let the Tribe know what you want, and open yourself to the guidance that follows. Powerful stuff.  And you are saying, “What the heck is he talking about?”

How many times have you had a thought that you just put out there, perhaps it is just a blurb on Facebook that you later regret posting, but you needed that “something” in that moment.  The Tribe perhaps responded with words of wisdom or sympathy or empathy and from that simple connection a “source” of inspiration arose that made you think a different thought, take conscious, decisive action. Yes, powerful stuff this Universe and how we can affect change through a quantum manifestation. And you are saying, “Quantum manifestation,” really?  So what does this have to do with being in the Gray Zone? We are getting there!

Hello Sixto here. Since my last post a lot of shifts have happened in my life. Shift? When a shift occurs situations that have come up unresolved (the gray zone), integrate into the Self to form a new normal within the conscious (into the black or white). Usually shifts are caused by finding your way through growth opportunities created due to the impermanence and uncertainty we encounter in Life, and there we go, we are thrown into the gray!

Trusting that process and staying out of the way of the process and moving out of the gray has brought major integration into my life, which is to say in the least, pretty painful at times. Powerful stuff!

Here is what I had I read about being comfortable in the gray that got me thinking:

“You see, when you prematurely force your circumstances into their simpler black-or-white counterparts, you miss out on the full story, and, potentially, the opportunities that become apparent from a fuller understanding of the situation. I’ll spare you the details, but I’ve certainly missed out on plenty of opportunities in both my work and personal life as a result of my inability to navigate ambiguity properly.”

I agree to a certain point. Yes, allowing yourself to sit in the gray is good as long as you are making progress to move on out. Finding a solution or knowing that "something" is not right in your life and needs to be addressed. How can you make amends with yourself?

Find a New Normal for Black and White thinking?!  Yes!

Living in the gray can cause you as many problems as was stated in the same thought process:

“If I couldn’t define right and wrong (black or white) when presented with a situation, I’d become anxious and try and coerce the situation into a simpler, black-and-white version of itself. A version that was easier to handle, mentally and emotionally.” 

My experience has been: Remain in the gray for a long-time and I can guarantee the results will be more devastating. I understand that Life is a a never-ending process of attaining. A beautiful process that is best when left alone to grow, yet needs to be nourished and tended to. Take this example, and yes I have green thumb! Imagine a beautiful rose, just like a rose, Life at times needs to be provoked into growth. If I left my rose bushes “in the gray,” instead of beautiful blooms I’d end up with dried up pest infected blooms that constantly keep reminding me of what a despicable rosarian I have turned out to be! In the gray zone I would let them sit, I’d look at roses and perhaps say, “Ugh, those thorns, don’t really want to prune them.” Moving into the black or white goes something like this:

1.      Prune in your time zone.

2.     Fertilize at first sign of growth

3.     Cut-back blooms to enjoy and to stimulate more growth.

4.     Fertilize, water and let the bushes grow until the time comes, the season, depending on your climate zone, to let them slumber and regenerate.

Life is quite the same. The gray comes when depending on our zone, we decide to let ourselves marinate in our emotional self-talk or feed into perhaps a victim mentality that “a certain circumstance created this situation” and perhaps we let ourselves feel that this is all part of a process. It is. However, over-marinating is not! Do you know how bad anything tastes when you over-marinate any dish in a sour orange sauce? I am Cuban, we marinate with sour oranges, and it would make your mouth feel as if you just gargled with lemon-flavored Pinesol. Nothing beautiful happens when we stay in that gray zone for too long, no growth happens. I dare you to take a step out of the gray zone, to experience the opportunities of uncertainty (gray) and the manifestation of these positive actions in your life (into the black or white, or the rainbow of color in between).

We are all doing our best. I do see a problem with dwelling in the gray, not seeking Life Force, Spirit Energy to move you out, perhaps isolating and not relating to your Tribe. It stunts beautiful growth for this beautiful life that is pretty darn short.

“I’ll spare you the details, but I’ve certainly missed out on plenty of opportunities in both my work and personal life as a result of my inability to navigate ambiguity properly.”

I could not disagree more, perhaps because my life’s experiences, being the son of exiles, that you do not build the strength of navigating ambiguity properly by living constantly in the gray. The gray is the zone where issues go to get processed. We do not process, we feel stuck. We do not learn to Trust the process (of moving out of ambiguity), and we throw static into every universal connection that is trying to tell us, “Hey, get out of your way, we are trying to help you here.” Ambiguity is Anxiety.  I re-iterate, yes uncertainty presents us with opportunities, however, opportunities once presented need decisive Self talk to make them manifest. Black or White (spectrum of color), out of the Gray.

“You must carry a chaos inside you to give birth to a dancing star.” –Nietzche

Oh yes Mr. Nietzche, you make an excellent point! Read that carefully, analyze as you wish, from whichever standpoint you view it; I think it delivers the same message. Chaos, ambiguity, pain is all good to carry within us, however, if you carry it for too long, life doesn't wait around and the birth to the dancing star could never materialize. Seems that what we think or imagine as factual is factual, no matter how much "it" is not (our mind tends to do that for us), that little committee in our head that says, “No, you don’t have it right” and that gray becomes our reality.

Being in the gray is okay, and do your best to sit silent and listen and move forward right out of it.  When you find a resolve, when you dig deep into the inner depth of your soul, when you get an aha, (yes an aha, not a ha, ha) when you feel the blood rush up your spine and tingle, as is said in the Cuban culture, “se me subió la sangre de isleño” or the island blood has reached its boiling point, when you tingle all over because Love (the single source of Life), is clear and dear and Gratitude rushes you with new Life, you’ve arrived in the Black or the White, the gray, the in-between color when you mix any primary and secondary color mixes is now full of color moving out in to the black or white, full of radiance, full of all the beautiful things YOU deserve in life.

Let’s forget about traditional thinking and step in the New Normal!

To your wellness, naturally,

Sixto J. Sicilia
Founder & Simplicist
Holistic Health and Nutrition - PhD Student
Registered Yoga Instructor, Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor
Organic Body Products Development

“The basis of effective healing, by which I mean a healing made manifest by a changed attitude to life so that the local restoration of health becomes durable and progressive, is integration.  The center of integration is the spirit of the soul or true Self, which informs the rational mind, cleanses and purifies the emotions, and renews the body with strength and vitality.”


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