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Love Defined, well in context.

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For the enhancement of the collective consciousness through common sense life experiences and shares.

Love Defined, well in context.

Sixto Sicilia

From a place of love everything is possible. Love “for, or, of something in life” is simply “taking or having” a great interest and pleasure “in something or someone.” Falling in love, however, is a completely different story.  This 14th of February take a different perspective.

 Love seems to be a topic that can make us or break us. It is widely misunderstood yet so easy to understand and can encompass any feeling, truly any feeling stems from love or the lack thereof.

 Love is defined as anything from romantic love to familial love, to love of a higher self to the newest, and yes, pretty much unexplored world of virtual love. An example of the latter is the newest trend in China, where a producer of a mobile video is attracting millions of women looking for love. “The men in the game are more attractive than real boyfriends,” says one fan, who asked not to be named. “They’re very attentive. They’re generally more into feelings and emotions.” This not come as surprising in the context of modern day life where it is much easier to relate to something you can seemingly control, through a remote control or a dashboard.

 Now, technically you can’t fall in love with a virtual reality avatar, you can become infatuated, but physiologically you cannot fall in love with something that is not capable of loving you back. The latter is can be labeled dysfunctional to say the least, or is it? Who knows right? Technically however, love as I see it, happens when we care, respect and have compassion for other people or a species in need.

 I am pretty accurate in thinking in that the way we choose to love can be as unique as the way we choose to make a living, maintain our health, or entertain ourselves. We surround ourselves with things that we love. We daydream about objects that may bring us pleasure, and ultimately as much as we feel we may want to be alone, our primordial human instincts of community and communing come blaring through, perhaps in the middle of the night as loud as a marching band during halftime at a football game, or the sounds from one of the most romantic pieces of classical music ever written where the notes strike you in a way you can’t explain, well you get my drift. It just happens!

 Love brings inspiration, it brings optimism, and it brings joy, yes joy. A feeling that makes a lasting impression such as when someone looks at you in a certain way, gives a smile, a “face nudge” or just a extends a certain gesture that makes you feel warm, exhilarated and excited to say the least, in other words it gives a good shot of dopamine. The same can happen from keeping a pet or coming to an abode that is comfortable, warm and welcoming. Sigh!

 Being “present” for love is your responsibility. Being “present” for you is key and not taking for granted the ability of someone being “present” for you is paramount. We do not flourish on our own. Societies weren’t built by isolation. Associations, companies, philosophical movements, all of them were not possible by passive participation in some type of communal affair. Latest research shows……..

 This 14th of February vow to love everything about everyone. Vow to recognize that we honor a day that is widely recognized as, and perhaps not universally agreed upon, as a day for love, devotion and romance. So go romance, romance a friend, romance the human condition, the latter, as always, has been in desperate need.