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For the enhancement of the collective consciousness through common sense life experiences and shares.

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Love Defined, well in context.

Sixto Sicilia

Love seems to be a topic that can make us or break us. It is widely misunderstood yet so easy to understand and can encompass any feeling, truly any feeling stems from love or the lack thereof………. So go romance, romance a friend, romance the human condition, the latter, as always, has been in desperate need!

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Día de los Muertos

Sixto Sicilia

This celebration, spiritual in many ways, gradually started making its way into my life through a progression of years. Gaining intensity as the “Old Guard” as I call them, my parents, aunts and uncles started passing away. My life experience thanks to this Old Guard are memories of a human condition that was full of joy even when times weren’t so.

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The DNA Body and the Metaphysical Body

Sixto Sicilia

"I look at it as if we have a big hard-drive (our brain) who communicates with Spirit and the Mind. In that hard-drive there are many things recorded that we can build programs to put to sleep the “malaware viruses” that constantly come about by our Thoughts."

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