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For the enhancement of the collective consciousness through common sense life experiences and shares.

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Embracing change, beautifully so!

Sixto Sicilia

I never come back home with the same moral character I went out with; something or other becomes unsettled where I had achieved internal peace; some one or other of the things I had put to flight reappears on the scene. -- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

 What does Seneca imply by this quote?  Seems like even back in Seneca’s time, (he passed away in 65 B.C. / C. E.) the human race was dealing with “Change.”  What is it about change that so can rattle our minds? Is it the sudden inconsistency? Is it getting pushed out of a routine? Is it plain fear of moving forward? Yes moving forward. What does the latter represent?

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Día de los Muertos

Sixto Sicilia

This celebration, spiritual in many ways, gradually started making its way into my life through a progression of years. Gaining intensity as the “Old Guard” as I call them, my parents, aunts and uncles started passing away. My life experience thanks to this Old Guard are memories of a human condition that was full of joy even when times weren’t so.

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