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guy gear    FACE ART


guy gear FACE ART

FaceArt copy.gif
FaceArt copy.gif

guy gear FACE ART


FACe Art - CLEAR SHAVE EMULSION (8.45 OZ) : does not draw beneficial oils from the skin, provides proper lubrication of the blade, and conditions the skin. Made with 70% certified organic ingredients therefore meets the USDA/California requirement to make the claim: “Made with certified organic ingredients."

  • A clear shave emulsion to protect and desensitize skin.
  • Jojoba and grape seed oil provide exceptional glide, resulting in a smoother closer shave.
  • Peppermint oil, arnica montana, calendula and chamomile soothes skin.
  • Face art is multi-functional, does not contain a foaming agent, and provides pre and post shave benefits. An effective, straightforward and practical approach to shaving.

Whether you’re clean-shaven, with side burns, a goatée, beard or even a shaved scalp or body, Face Art, our clear 70% certified organic ingredient shaving emulsion allows for intricate shaving maneuvers without burn or irritation. Guy Gear is (no hype) conscientious skin care essential to everyday grooming and hygiene.

Guy Gear is (no hype) conscientious skin care essential to everyday grooming and hygiene and offers the benefits to rob time of its trademark effects on the skin. To use, wet face and apply a dollop to shaving area for maximum glide, protection and a perfect non-irritating shave! 

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